2019: Fontanelle Gallery (Warehouse).
Materials: Digital Projection, Steel, Chains, Cable Ties.

The grid is a powerful design tool that is used to organise. It constructs cities, architecture, pixels, posters, tax forms (please write CLEARLY inside the box below) and the text on this paper. Grid Haus envisions public ideology as a grid structure of boxes that conforms us. The grid is also a filter, those who cannot remain  in their box, cannot pass through the grid- they become othered and segregated.

For the uninitiated, the warehouse is a barren place for the distribution of products. Dusty brown boxes, storage cages and inventory tables. For others it’s a site of sexual liberation and fantasy, a dance party ... a rave. My grid work explores the use of animating the grid to be ever-changing, its form never static. The grid becomes a flexible ideology that everyone can pass through. 

Storage Cage / Cage Dancer