Art-based texts, critiques, case-studies and retrospectives written by budding arts writer Danny Jarratt.

“Quay to Martyrdom,” by Marla Bendini, 2013.

“Quay to Martyrdom,” by Marla Bendini, 2013.

Queers Exhibiting in Singapore

Abstract:  The state of Singaporean Queer rights and representation within 2011 - 2015 is burdensome. Like the multidimensional diversity of Queer artists and the ideas they investigate, the problems they face are great and systematic. They face legal discrimination, a conservative government, poor representation, lack of funding, lack of Queer safe spaces, Singapore's low number of art galleries, poor record keeping and a lack of media attention.

This report will investigate the issues Queer exhibitions and artists face as well as examine the only two loud Queer exhibitions in this time period, In 2013 ‘No Approval’ was created by a non-profit artist space, it uses Queer theory of homonormativity to challenge the idea that Queer culture will harmoniously conform to the mainstream. Juxtaposed stands an institutionalised exhibition. In 2016 the Institute of Contemporary Arts presented ‘Fault-line: Disparate and Desperate Intimacies,’ which focused on Queer experiences of displacement, loneliness and estrangement.

Word Count: 9,000.
Text created as an assignment submitted for "Exhibition History" at the School Of Art, Design and Medias, as part of Nanyang Technical University in May 2017.

" Support ASL," by  Nancy Rourke , 2013.

"Support ASL," by Nancy Rourke, 2013.

I Can't Queer You

Abstract: “I Can’t Queer You” is a paper  that investigates and argues how investigating Deaf culture can help improve queer identity, culture and community. Deaf culture utilises a capitalisation of ‘D’ to indicate the social beliefs, behaviours, art, literary traditions, history, values, and shared institutions of communities that are influenced by deafness. 

Word Count: 300.