November 2017. Raj House, SA. Hosted during FEAST Festival.

A personal exhibition, Justification is a response to the stress of my life: university workloads, marriage equality plebiscite, personal art practice, work, relationships, friendships, wants, needs, finances and more. Almost all these stresses needed consistent justification. My university needs me to justify my artwork. My government needs me to justify my relationships. My finances need me to justify my spending. This work is born from frustration and exhaustion. I wanted to make something minimal, not excessive, elaborate or ornate. I even wanted to keep this paper short. I don’t want to justify my exhibition or my experience anymore. I am tired. 

Selected Work

Behind The Scenes

Exhibition Space & Flyer

Shown in Raj House, Adeliade. 
November 8th - (Unknown) 

The space was definitely difficult to work with and helped to JUSTIFY the size of the work and also guided the minimalism of the work. People have a very small way to investigate the work, detail would be difficult to observe. In many ways these worked like banners or billboards of queer emotion, advertising my exhaustion with the 2017 Australian same sex marriage plebiscite, university and the consistent JUSTIFICATION of my existence.

Future Ideas

When shooting my exhibition I started to consider how the plants in the space interacted with my work to create interesting images. My digital illustrations in 2016 included lots of plants, I have loved the aesthetics of plants. Plants can relate to queerness in many ways:

  • Growth (the fluidity of sexuality and gender growth though out a persons life)

  • Nature (What is natural? The lack of reproduction in ideas of queer relationships)

  • Domesticity (potted plants, the domestication of plants, control, heteronormativity and homonormativity)

JUSTIFICATION was aiming to be extremely simple and minimal, expressing my current anxiety and queer experience.

The visuals were made at the same time as Familiarise, hence the similarities.