August - November 2017. My final assessment for my Bachelors of Contemporary Visual Art at The University of South Australia included a group exhibition within the SASA Gallery, SA.

I hate gay people, but I dont hate you.’
(Conversation with a friend over a few drinks).

Queerness is often met with aggression because of a fear of the unknown. Media fails to represent queer people and sex, the one major othering property of a queer person compared to a straight person. This project explores the dichotomy of the familiar(Ikea Furniture and Tablecloth materiality) and the unfamiliar (Gay Sex). The end product aims to visually look like gay porn printed on clear plastic that is covered in 1980s design motifs and then draped over IKEA furniture, to create the feel of strange modern abstracted images that are not clearly recognisable.

Selected Work

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