This page works as documentation of artistic projects that are smaller in scope, concept or research.

Idel Hands Are The Devils Play Things 

Date: Early 2017.

Materials: PVC Plastic, Acrylic Paints, Spray Paints, Markers and Mandarin Juice.

To experiment on painting on plastic was the start of this project. How could I traditionalise digital painting techniques? in partiular painting on photoshop transparent layers. If i paint on one side, I cover the other side and vise versa. There is serious consideration for this project to work. This work stands as an investigation into techqniue rather than concept. 

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Sculpture Project.png


Date: Late 2017.
Medium: Digital Print, Ballpoint Pen and Found Objects (Gumtree Leaves). Produced under the supervision of Bridget Currie.

Combining critical race theory with public spaces and landspace, I surveyed the trees in Light Square, Adelaide, South Australia. Why in a publicly funded, communial space are there scarce Australian flora? Shouldn't the space represent the country not a colonial, gentrified and globalised ideal? These questions propelled this survey based work. The use of blue squares references 'blue blood,' a medieval belief that preferenced incest over out-of-the-family marriage. The use of the flat 2D squre spaces is a reference to Loo Zihan's Queer Objects: an archive for the future (2016), this work repressed 3D queer objects into symbolic flat shapes to refence censorship or the removal of culture. These looming gumtrees are reduced to 1cm flat squares. The title is a play on words mashed from several sources: the gumtrees in Light Square are the Angrophoria species. Anglo, the typical white Australia race in positions of power and phoria from euphoria. This public place takes you away from the city and makes you feel your white freedom.

Goodbye Australia, hello public white colonial safe spaces! 



Material: Gay Pornography Magazine: The Australian Rosie Gay #18.

This series of folded paper sculptures use origami, the japanese paper folding techniques to question queer representation in Japanese media. Gay sex is represented in such strange ways such as boy-love comics called Yaoi, which are gay mens romance written by women to the censored bodies in pornography. Queer people in Japan have little to no rights or representation. I wanted to show how gay sex folded is an unrelatable or nonsensical mess. Gay sex looks more like a paper crane, rather than a two men copulating. This work is not made with Japanese pornography because the porn magazine selection was meek. The gay Japanese barely have a role in Japanese soceity or sexuality, let alone in worldwide pornography. Additionally I explored what genre this work fits into; sculture? crafts? installation? photography? video? multimedia? collage?

The title is a parody of the Japanese word: Origami. This word is made up of two parts; ori meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper". I instead change "kami" to Dōseiai-sha meaning homosexual. Literal translated; Folding Homosexual.

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