Queer Conversation Starters

Danny Jarratt is responding to the voices of queer New Zealanders. An artistic project that surveys queer people with questions that engage with saftey, race and how they respond with queerness.

Project Infomation

When & Where: From Janurary 30th to Feburary 16th, Danny Jarratt will be participating in an artist residency at New Zealand Pacific Studio.

What: During this time I will be creating work that engages with queer safety, queer race issues, sexuality and queer online spaces. Using the voice of local New Zealand gay males, I wants to explore how cyberspaces allow queer people to be unabashful in there sexual safety, racial preferences and queer expression. All of these different topics engage and react with each other in many ways. The work doesnt aim to resolve these issues, but rather give voice to queer people and get conversations started.

How: Using Grindr and Google Forms, I seek to find queer volunteers to fill out a short survey. Participants will talk about safety, the intersection of queerness and race and upload a photograph. This data will be transformed into dynamic work similar to my Justification and Familarise projects.

Why: The purpose of these images is to create discourse and discussion around queer issues and the resulting images may be used for possible exhibitions, in New Zealand and South Australia. Presentation for this work will look at printing the images onto unique household forms such as blankets, quilt covers and cups, to allow the dialogue to continue from the gallery into the house. They are true social conversation starters, because when else are you going to talk about New Zealand queer race and cyber saftey issues?

Please help me by taking the short five minute survey.

Keep up to date with Queer Conversation Starters on my social media links below and see the paintings as they are being made.

Question projects can be made on social media accounts or via email: dannyjarratt90@gmail.com